Welcome to Krueger Woodworks

At our cabinet company we are committed to providing high quality woodwork at a competitive price and completed in a timely manner.

When choosing us for your woodworking needs, you can be assured that you will receive the utmost of attention from start to finish.

Krueger Woodworks is defined as follows.

Combining our highly superior construction methods with the use of 3/4″ material will provide you with ultimate strength and durability that cannot be obtained with mass produced modular cabinetry.

Customizing your cabinetry to a specific design will give you the maximum amount of cabinetry for your needs. there will be no lose of space due to modular cabinets and fillers.

The ability to meet your needs and budget with the large assortment of wood species, sheet goods, door styles, drawer and guide options, as well as hinging choices.

Our in house finishing department gives you the endless choice of stain or paint for your cabinetry. Our finishing is a premium hand rubbed procedure which gives you the beauty and durability for high traffic areas

We would like to introduce our custom cabinet company to you.
Our builders are

 Andy Krueger РOwner
Who has been building and installing cabinets and countertops for 21 years.

George Weber – Cabinet Builder
Who has been building specialty cabinets for over 30 years.

As many people are aware the cabinet industry is changing.
Large factories mass produce modular cabinets fast and not always what you the customer are looking for. This takes away from the unique and endless capabilities of the small cabinet shops, who are sometimes overlooked.

We are committed to providing high quality woodwork at competitive prices!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
(920)-858-0266 or (715)754-4940.

Thank-you for your time